Moun D’Simone is a Transformational Coach, Meditation and Yoga teacher.

She was born in Brazil and moved to the US at 15 years old with her mother to work as a house cleaner and help support her family. She later embarked in her career as a model, becoming the last female standing on Bravo TV’s  ‘Make me a supermodel’ then the photo director in a high gloss NYC fashion magazine. Her early life struggles with anxiety, self loathing and eating disorder had carried through and reached a new high in the fall of 2014 leading her on a search for healing and the meaning for her purpose in life: a one-way ticket to India.

Moun spent several years in India, Thailand and Indonesia, deeply immersed in studying Yoga, Meditation, and Tibetan Buddhism, with some of the masters of our time. She became certified in Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga, a Breath-Body-Mind Teacher, NLP Practitioner, MBSR Trainee, she is currently studying Contemplative Psychotherapy with Nalanda Institute. She is devoted to supporting others heal their relationship with themselves and bodies as a doorway into their hearts.

Her trauma informed method combines meditation, restorative yoga, breathwork and contemplative psychotherapy. She is known for her contagious self expression, that compels you to want to be around her, and share in her expertise. Some of her clients include Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health, NeueHouse, Maha Rose, Havas, RAMA Institute, Three Jewels, JBK Associates, Wanderlust Hollywood, and D.E. Shaw.  





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