Moun helped me tremendously in my transformation. I had to kick some bad habits/my unhealthy mindset and integrate her practices with my own, it’s helped me create a much more structured and balanced life. Although life is always a work in progress, she gave me many tools I took away from our one on one sessions. I’m so happy to have her as a friend and mentor
— Chelsea Fazio
Moun supported me in powerfully remembering who I truly am at the core and encouraged me to become fully and unabashedly self expressed.
— Megan Zimring, Evolutionary Astrologist, Healing Practitioner
Sah and Moun’s motivational and magical energy truly transmitted to everyone and I felt so safe being near them. They were so transparent when they were sharing their life stories and it made me realize that I’m not alone in this journey.
— Yasmin Elzomor
There are not enough words in any language to capture the impact that working with Moun has had on my life. I am truly honored to have Her with me on this wild and beautiful ride. Present and open, with gentle reminders and firm encouragement, Moun has lovingly guided me to my truest, purest self. Choosing to embark, and to remain, on the path of self-love has been the most challenging and important work I believe I will ever do. I am beyond grateful to Moun for sharing her present heart, deep wisdom and loving compassion with me; for always seeing my beautiful, whole and perfect soul; for being the brightest and most marvelous light; and for reflecting back to me - time and again- that I am (that we all are) always ‘Enough’.
— Meghan E. Kay
I had such an incredible experience in Moun’s class. Her embracing voice and encouraging words allowed for such a beautiful energy flow. Left the class feeling so wonderful, would love to take more of her classes.
— Natasha Honey
I have had a challenge with Arthritis and pain in my body on a day to day basis. As soon as Moun walks in my door, I know that I can “Let GO” and allow. Her intuition, healing presence and knowledge brings forward Health inside of me. And it starts with the breath, in which she encourages and directs me into my own healing breath. It’s like I am being remembered back into my natural state.
— Helen Bradley, Transformational Creativity Coach and the Owner and Chief Facilitator at Playful Art Studio
I discovered Moun, in a time of self inquiry and pain in my heart. Moon is a powerful woman, human being, that beside much love and guidance she gave me beautiful tools to incorporate in my daily life so that I can meet my true self, understand me better and see things with a different light. She is a great knowledgeable professional and I highly recommend working her if you are willing to explore yourself, reveal yourself and bring to light your potential. Namaste!
— Orietta Ajna, Yoga Teacher
You may know of Moun via Sah D’ Simone, one of our past Moon Mystics and part of the Numinous community. But if you don’t know Moun the time has come! Moun has become one of my greatest friends over the past few months, encouraging me, enlivening me, and always pushing me towards expansion. She works with clients in New York and online, and teaches mindfulness, meditation, and breath work with a focus on the feminine and the body. But underneath that she is someone that can be clear when you aren’t being clear or real with yourself, or standing in your truth. She calls you out. She brings you forward. Her medicine isn’t always sweet, it can be bitter and fiery! It can be abrupt. But because of her I have busted through some OLD ASS SHIT! I’ve faced some fears I didn’t wanna look at and I have also made an amazing new friend.
— Alexandra Roxo writer, artist, healer, co-founder of Moon Club